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What is ABC Segmentation (perhaps we should ask chatGPT...)?

At the moment everyone is talking about chatGPT (or talking to chatGPT), and the simmering interest in AI over the last decades has reached boiling point. Companies are plagued by the AI FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) scrabbling to get “some AI” to improve their annual ROI (and consequent end of year bonus #CaribbeanHoliday?). But some of the most reliable methods for identifying and prioritizing a company's resources are as old as your grandparents. ABC Segmentation (also called ABC classif

Rulex Platform vs Pandas: Performance Comparison

One of the qualities that customers appreciate the most about Rulex Platform is its exceptional performance levels, and its ability to effectively process data, even big data, much faster than any of its competitors. This makes Rulex Platform the optimal choice for executing multiple operations at a rapid pace, from gathering incoming data with diverse data types, to applying machine algorithms, and handling complex data engineering projects. Comparing data performance Ou

Rulex Platform APIs: a chat with a Rulex Developer

Web Application Programming Interfaces (aka web APIs) are among developer must-haves, enabling the fast integration of different software applications, the automation of repetitive tasks, and increasing scalability to access and process large amounts of data. But modern web APIs are often considered to be too complex to set up and use, and reserved only for expert software programmers. My job in Rulex is to make technical concepts accessible to all users, including web API


Sara in Development

AI image classification

Most of our perception of the world around us comes from our sight. No surprise, then, that emulating human vision is one of the most challenging tasks in trying to create Artificial Intelligence. Computer vision is the scientific discipline that deals with creating machines capable of emulating the human ability to "see". Different areas can be identified in computer vision, ranging from object detection to image restoration. In this article, we will deal with the specific task of image classif

Could you please reshape my table?

When analyzing data, it often happens that you need to change the format of your table. It doesn't matter if it's your bank account transactions or your child’s school grades, when you look at and analyze data you often think, "If only I had the data in this format, things would be much easier." But things can be easier if you are clear about what you want to achieve and if you use the right tools. What table format my data is in? Data can come in different formats. Consi

Stop that coding headache with self-code tools

The WYSIWYG solution built by programmers to make their lives easier No-code platforms may be the big discovery for business users, but they frequently result in headaches for developers, who are called in to customize rigid platforms when business needs change. Business users then get totally frustrated with developers, as they “don't get why it's taking so long”, while developers get stressed out inventing and maintaining extremely “creative scripts” to get round the restrictions of an
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