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  • Let's begin the Rulex experience

  • Getting started

    This short guide will let you know about any prerequisites, and take you through the desktop installation process step by step.

    This course focuses on introducing you to Rulex Platform core component: the Factory. It shows you how to take the first steps on Rulex Factory.

    Are you trying to install Rulex Platform on your MAC computer with M1 or M2 chip? Here's a quick guide to help you out.

    Kits & Courses

    In this course you'll learn how to import data from local sources, prepare, merge and reshape datasets, and export your results on your laptop - all in one single environment with Rulex Factory.

    Rulex Factory puts great value on the skills of business experts, and has developed a platform to allow this knowledge to be seamlessly integrated with the data-driven insights. The result is a combination of business experience and machine learning, which guides leaders into taking the best possible decisions.

    In this short course, you will learn how to perform ABC segmentation, which is a technique that categorizes items or customers into three categories based on relevant parameters. It can be used to support decision making in sectors such as marketing, inventory, and customer support.

    In this brief course, you will learn how to manage different datasets, calculate different financial indicators (ROE, ROA, Debt Ratio), and show results in dashboards.

    In this article Rulex's head data scientist and writer, Damiano Verda, explains how to turn complex graphs into a form that can be used in a binary classification problems to create predictive models.

    This course goes through the main new features of Rulex Factory, explains how to perform some operations that have changed, and shows how experienced Rulex 4 users can easily transition to Rulex Factory.

    An overview of how Rulex manages false positive in the detection of fraud within the financial services sector.

    An overview of how Rulex manages the recovery of NPL portfolios in the financial services sector.

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