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How to earn badges


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Below a complete list of all badges present so far and how to get them.

image.png.31dc6c2f665ee4d60adf4ceee4dd29a9.png 1st comment/reply posted 

image.png.bcc793a8b633bf26c158db8867427428.png 1st content item posted 

image.png.f9f644a8938d62591eec2619af89fbf6.png 10th comment/reply posted

image.png.0aed6221e8c03cd6956eab9bac22fcd2.png After receiving 5 reactions to the posts

image.png.a52ec1b7ebc937f8069b083802f6488a.png  Received the "best answer" tag for 10 times

image.png.bdf439a7d9b54f31c2686e5fead1c164.png When followed by 10 users

image.png.9b55bc9bb1c21b8324d1e53ffb5db35f.png Log in 7 days in a row

image.png.03f0963da8a0132ce31104f2a5447db1.png It is given 1 week after the first login

image.png.852803dbbb6d3785ee4233a81e483fb3.png It is given 1 month after the first login

image.png.23c4012b80b76e58468a9bd3aae05a16.png It is given 1 year after the first login

image.png.cc2cf94487e9d47b1cbe218ccc9dd33f.png After receiving 100 reactions to the posts

image.png.ef87fb4e83213974388ffe9bd17e04b9.png 500th comment/reply posted

image.png.e1fd1e20a16b934a6cef5d68f8b64f69.png Received the "best answer" tag for 150 times

image.png.fe5403735407a1dfe97c8af64a7fb7d7.png Received the "best answer" tag for 50 times

image.png.48971578cf65798438ccf30f76250a5c.png After receiving 250 reactions to the posts

image.png.374763f1a70a6950ca6e48882abc37d1.png After receiving 500 reactions to the posts

image.png.c4dc96216420bd5642774ce6cb28e5e7.png You just have to get hired by Rulex 


Others will be added soon 😉 

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