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How to get in touch with other Members


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The beauty of being part of a Community? Being able to interact with other members!

In this video, you can find all the steps to get in touch with others:

Let's see how to get in touch with other members!

Let’s consider this example: Enrico has published an interesting topic and besides having written directly on his post to compliment him, you would like to get in touch, and collaborate with him for your next project.

  1. Click on the user icon to be redirected to his profile, and here you will find out more about him

  2. Click on the Follow member button to make sure you're always updated about the content published by Enrico.
    When you click the Follow member button, you can also decide whether you want other members to know you're now following Enrico.

  3. Click the Follow button to stay in touch with Enrico, and regularly see the content he posts. 

Chatting with other members

Getting in touch with other members is extremely useful, as it allows you to share ideas, and tips on how to use Rulex Platform. Let’s see how to send a private message:

  1. Click on the Message button to start a new conversation with Enrico.

  2. Fill the required fields: subject and text of your message.

  3. Click Send to start chatting.

  4. Click on the Messages icon in the toolbar to find sent and received messages.

Enrico answered! 🥳

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