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Rulex 4 installation in Win11 Pro in VM in Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS


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I have Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS. In Oracle VM VirtualBox version 7.0 I installed Windows 11 Pro. Installation of Rulex 4 goes without problem, but when running the application I get "Fatal error detected: Failed to execute script Rulex". Installation goes without the problem, but in the end there is no user folder, which is probably causing the error.

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20 minutes ago, Enrico said:


have you already downloaded and installed on the VM the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable supported (X64 Architecture), you will find it to the link Latest supported Visual C++ Redistributable downloads | Microsoft Learn

I have already tried this and it didn't help, maybe it is because I am using Rulex 4 and not Rulex Platform.

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This is a different issue and it seems not be related to the VM.

If it is possible for you to share some more content this will be grant us to help you better. 

Information that may be useful to understand the problem includes:

  • Version and build of Rulex installer that you are using
  • Rulex logs, error log and redir, you can find them there C:\Users\<username>\Rulex\4\Log
  • All the steps that brought you to the error

Remember that all the information that you will share on a public forum will be public  


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