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Can I add SharePoint source to multiple tasks?

Mike Harris

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Hi Mike!

It is not necessary to enter the source every time. You can configure a source so that it is saved on Rulex Platform.

To do this, move via the explorer to the location where you want to create the SharePoint source, uncheck the "Flow filter" flag at the top, click on the "+" icon, and then select "Add New Filesystem". Through the window that opens you can select the type of source you want to add, in the case of SharePoint click on the item of the same name.
After clicking "Next" you need to enter the URL, username and password of the source you want to access. Having done this, click on "Next" and finally in the last section assign a name to the source you want to create. Once the source has been successfully created, you can select it in any task whenever you want. To do this, just select "Saved" in the source field, click on the three dots and move to the location where you created the source previously and select it. This way, you will be able to access the files that are in the source whenever you want.

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