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Unable to use Rulex Platform on Mac

Xiaolu Yin

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I am having some problems with Rulex Platform. After downloading, every time I open Rulex Platform, it says 'unable to fetch broker host info'. So I would really like to know how to deal with this situation.

Some basic infos:
My computer is a Mac pro with M2 chip, which means that if it wants to load windows via a virtual machine, it basically has to choose Windows 11 ARM64. (Because 1. normal x64 systems with non-ARM architecture cannot be installed;2. I have not found MS win10 ARM64 and it looks like MS replaced win10 ARM64 with windows 11 ARM64 a year ago.) And Rulex has permission to pass through firewall defender on both public and private networks.

I have tried 2 different virtual machine software so far.
1. VMware Fusion Pro13, windows11 ARM64 (activated), downloaded MS visual C++redistributable (prompted when downloading Rulex Platform) and other MS runtime libraries.
2. Parallels, window11 ARM64(unactivated), downloaded MS visual C++redistributable (prompted when downloading Rulex Platform) and other common MS runtime libraries.


Unable to use.png

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Hello again Xiaolu,

we managed to find a solution:

  1. First thing first you must download the latest version of Parallels
  2. In case it is you first VM you can jump to the step 3, otherwise proceed by selecting Get Windows 11 from Microsoft
  3. After that you will have to Download Windows 11 

  4. It is important that you check that your network options are set as follows (Shared Network)
  5. Next step will be to download and install on the VM the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable supported (X64 Architecture), you will find it to the link Latest supported Visual C++ Redistributable downloads | Microsoft Learnimage.png
  6. Last of all, proceed with the normal installation of Rulex Platform. When you will run the Platform you will need to allow Rulex Platform, rulexbackend and mosquitto to communicate on the Private networks

It is also important that you follow those steps in this exact order. 

We tested this solution and it was working, let us know if this is the case for you too 🙂 

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