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Outdated Driver for Snowflake + Issues with SharePoint and Email Server

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Hello -

I received a notification from the IT team that the driver used to connect to our Snowflake database would not be supported on or after 30 April 2024.
Please find the details for the driver below.
Driver Used: ODBC 2.24.6
Environment Used: {"APPLICATION":"MashupEngine","LOG_LEVEL":"0","OCSP_MODE":"FAIL_OPEN","OS":"Windows","OS_VERSION":"10.0-x86_64"}

Also I am facing integrations issues to export files to SharePoint folder and send files through the e-mail server.
I have contacted the IT team to check if the issues is in the SharePoint side but nothing has changed on their end - so I assume the issues is in RuleX side.
The error message that shows is Error 403 - although I can map all folders from the SharePoint on RuleX application.

Regarding the e-mail server, I am not able to send files anymore through e-mail in the "Export" tasks.

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Hi Pedro, 

regarding the ODBC you need to install the new supported ODBC one. 

For what concern the SharePoint issue which version of Rulex 4 are you using and which method of authentication?

The e-mail issue might be related to the error on SharePoint Export but we can check this only by looking at the logs and maybe a dummy prcx. 

For the version of the software you can reply here, for the prcx and the logs since might contain confidential information you can reach me on private chat 

Remember, everything shared on the forum is public 😉 

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