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Why does my History disappear when I added a new attribute


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If it detects an error in the History, then all the History is deleted when I hit SAVE.  I sometimes gets the message "Warning in Save Operation.  Error in operation session Task.Save.  Saving history you will lose some operations.  Do you want to continue?  It seems once I get this message I cannot get rid of it and I have to select Save and then all or most of the histroy disappears.

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Hi Griz! 

Thank for the additional explanation, I was able to replicate your issue.

The problem seems to occur when:

You have a DM with a history computed, move an element of the history or delete a part of it.
Then if you perform any action and try to save you will receive the message the warns you about losing the previous actions.
(Pay attention, something similar happens also when you reset a task hisotry and then try to perform new action and save them)

We have notified the DEV team of this issue and will let you know if there will be updates.

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Hi Griz and Enrico,

Even I have experienced this when I reorient the steps in history and run all of sudden it wipes out all steps. Generally, I copy action steps if the list is long in given history and work on it. If something wipes out, I paste back the actions. This is just from my experience sharing workaround.


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Hi Pushkar, 

Thanks to suggest a workaround, this is for sure something you can do to avoid the deletion (copy the action before saving the new changes)

The deletion of action depends on the status of the Data Manager (DM).
If you move actions or reset an history (or directly the DM), you need to compute again the history to avoid the deletion of it after performing and saving new actions. This is because Rulex perform the action on the data following a specific order, and if you reset a DM and start performing new actions you will perform them on the dataset that is the "original" form
See the following example:


The dataman2 is computed and the first image shows how it looks after computing the history in the second image and the following image shows how it looks after resetting it


And changing the value of the cell in "History_Test" this is how it looks


If you do any action it will be applied to the dataset seen in the third image and for this reason the history applied in the first case will be deleted, to allow the dataset to have the shape seen during the latest changes (fourth image)

Let me know if everything was clear or if you need further clarification

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