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Lineage Capability

Nydia Neuss

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Hello Nydia!

At present, the Rulex Platform does not offer native lineage tracking capabilities found in dedicated commercial lineage tracking software. Nevertheless, it provides several built-in functionalities to facilitate the tracking of changes made to specific fields.

All data operations are recorded in the History tab of the Data Manager:


This provides a list of activities, allowing for the immediate detection of errors. Furthermore, users can access the code associated with each activity, written in GOLD language, directly from the History tab. This tab also allows users to perform various operations on the recorded activities, such as changing their order or deleting specific operations.

Furthermore, located at the top right of the stage, there is an icon resembling binoculars. By clicking on this icon, you can access the 'Search' function of the Rulex Platform, which facilitates effortless information retrieval. It enables you to search within task names and their histories.

For more detailed information, please refer to our technical documentation: Searching Tasks (rulex.ai)

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