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When recomputing a datamanager the result doesn't change

Mike Harris

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I am using a process variable to perform a filter on a datamanager task.

The filter is S12_Measure<=@hmax and I set hmax=100. It worked well the first time and it removed all the rows where S12_Measure was greater than 100.

However, when I try to change the value of the process variable to 90 and recompute the datamanager, the result does not change. The dataset still contains values for S12_Measure between 90 and 100.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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Hi Mike!

When you run a datamanager or a rulemanager, Rulex doesn't run all the History lines, but only the ones that don't have the "computed" status.

Since you have already executed the filter, the filter action status is “computed”, and it will not be re-executed unless you reset the task. If you reset and re-run the task, you will see the result related to the current value of the process variable.

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