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Transforming a "result" attribute into a non-result one

Yi Lin

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Thank you for contacting us on the Community!

We're going to guide you through all the steps to move your attribute to the non-result group. In this example, we're using one of our scenarios.

First things first, let's open the Data Manager: as you can see, the pred(churn) attribute is a result attribute.

  1. Create a new attribute, called 'DUMMY_NONRES'. It will be located right before the pred(churn) attribute, so that the 'DUMMY_NONRES' attribute becomes a divider between the results and non-results attributes, as it is the 'last' non-result attribute in our list.image.png

  2. Then, simply move the pred(churn) attribute before the 'DUMMY_NONRES' attribute.

  1. Remove the 'DUMMY_NONRES' attribute, so that your dataset is clean.

  2. Save and compute the task.

This procedure is valid with Rulex 4 only. In Rulex Factory, you don't even need to perform this operation, as a divider indicating Results is provided in the Data Manager. So, you just need to move the attribute to the desired section, then save and compute the task, and you're good to go!

I hope it helps!

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