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Alerts - pop-up while sending mail


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There are alerts set to send mails when process starts and ends. Mails are succesfully delivered to my mailbox, but in RULEX process there is pop-up with information that sending failed:


The following tasks have finished the computation with warnings:
CONFIG: Unable to send email: Accepted.


ANy idea why and how to get rid of this pop-up ?



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Ok, if it's ok for you I will move this topic to the Rulex4 Forum.

Anyway, can you please share with us a dummy prcx that replicates your problem so that we can investigate further?
Also your service settings may help to understand the issue. 

Thank you in advance!

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These are my servie settings:

<sDbType>SQL Server</sDbType>
<sDbDriver>ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server</sDbDriver>

 and prcx attached

I noticed the settings work fine without pop-up in my machine, while issues happens on VM.


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