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Multi-column formula

Nydia Neuss

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You can use the copy formula / paste formula command. There are 2 cases:

If the formula involves one variable only (e.g. $”X”=$”X”+1)

  • define the formula for column "X"
  • right click on column "X" and click copy formula
  • select all the other columns of interest (control + right click to select them one by one, shift + right click for multiple selection )
  • right click and paste formula


If the formula involves two (or more) variables (e.g. $”Z1”=$”X1”+$”Y1”) the situation is a little more complex.

Let suppose you have the following dataset


and you want to evaluate Z_i as follows:

Z_i = X_i + Y_i

where i =1,2,3. 

  • Define the formula for Z1, thus $”Z1” = $”X1” + $Y1”
  • right click on “Z1” and select copy
  • select Z2 and Z3, right click and paste

This allows you to achieve your goal.

Please note, the column order is crucial: when you copy the formula ”Z1” = $”X1” + $Y1” you are implicitly assuming that you are copying a relation between columns (i.e. column7 = column1 + column4). When you paste the formula to Z2 (i.e. the column 8), Rulex Platform automatically shifts the formula by one column, resulting in column8= column2 + column5.


Finally, I would like to highlight one more feature of copy / paste formula.

Let us suppose you want to quickly define the following set of equations:

Z1 = X1 + Y1
Z2 = X1 + Y2
Z3 = X1 + Y3

using the copy/paste command.

Here the issue is that X1 remains the same across equations.

To achieve your aim, you define the first equation as

$”Z1” = $$”X1” + $”Y1”

and then just copy and paste this formula. The double $$ ensures that the variable X1 remains the same while the others vary according to the rules listed above.

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