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Cells parsing to automatically create columns and rows

Nydia Neuss

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Please try to follow these steps:

  1. Split Attributes (right click on the attribute in the left panel of Data Manager) -> by fixed string -> |.
    (If you want to keep the original column, create a copy before splitting it).
    This will generate as many columns as the substrings delimited by |.
    The new columns will be called something like Reference Column-0, Reference Column-1.
  2. ToLong transforming all the attributes whose name starts with “Reference Column-”. (you can use “Filtered List” in Reshape To Long).
    This will generate a Long_1 (not relevant) and a Wide_1 column.
  3. Split Attribute as at point 1 on the Wide_1 column using - as separator. The columns generated by SplitAttribute should be the output you were expecting.


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