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Module creation

Jack Adams

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I have selected several tasks with which I would like to create a module, but right-clicking and selecting "Create module" returns an error regarding input sources.
With this selection I can create a module without any errors:



But if I use this selection (with the module created previously) it returns the error:


What could it be?

Thank you


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Hi Jack!

When creating a module from a selection of tasks, it is always necessary to pay attention to the sources. To create a module, you must define an input mapping to which you must link tasks within the module. If, as in your case, there is no defined/static input, it is possible for the program to return an error, especially if there is a direct thread before the module that connects to an import. It is good practice when creating a module to insert a Data Manager task before any input that will go into the module, that way the inputs that will end up in the module will always be defined and the tasks inside the module will always know which external tasks to point to. Here some screenshots to understand better! (The red rectangle means the selection to put inside the module)

Wrong module creation:

Wrong module creation


Adding Data Manager:



Good module creation:



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