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Dtor getting closed after running rule on Rulex 4.0


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Hello Rulex,

I need your help in understanding whenever we run data set to ruleset (dtor) it's closing entire app.

The rules I have written is as follows

IF "TransactionalLabel" in {'Make Active'} AND "MARC.WERKS" < 8000 AND "SOURCE_T_LANE_IN" < 8000 AND "YYPLANNER_PPS_SOURCE_CHECK" in {'FALSE'} AND "MAST.STLAN" not in {'1'} AND "YYPLANNER_PPS_DESTINATION_CHECK" in {'TRUE'} AND "DESTINATION_T_LANE_OUT" not in {'MISS'} THEN "Output_attribute_name" in {'A'}
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Hi Pushkar,

 Which version of Rulex 4 are you using exactly? Is it the latest one available (https://community.rulex.ai/rulex-download/)?

Have you had the chance to try this same task on Rulex Platform?

Can you please send me a private message with a sample .prcx that replicates the error and the logs of the computation? Please let me know if you encounter any difficulties in obtaining this information.

P.S. We will move this topic to Rulex4 Forum. 


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