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Can't reach the license manager with restricted network

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I am currently working with Rulex Platform in a closed environment, where I have a restricted internet connection. I have a server installation of Rulex Platform, but my server is on a private internet subnet with no external access. For this reason, I can't reach your license manager. I don’t have any issues operating from the GUI on my laptop since the license management is executed at client level and the license manager endpoint has been added to the firewall allow list. The issue occurs when I try to compute a flow by using the corresponding REST API call. In this case, according to the error, it seems that Rulex Platform's server tries to authenticate to your license manager.  

Is this correct? Is there a way I can compute my flow in this situation without opening the firewall server subnet?

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Hello @Yi Lin!

You can reach our license manager even when Rulex Platform has no internet connection by starting a login session on the client side before launching the actual REST API call. This is done by sending a specific HTTP POST request, called LoginAPI.

Follow these steps to compute your flow using the REST API:

1. Reach the license manager through the LoginAPI request. Don’t forget to specify the X-Rulex-Request-Id header in this request, setting it to a valid UUID.
 (For more info on this topic, check:
Using Rulex Platform REST API)


2. Send the corresponding REST API call to get a valid user token. Remember to use the same X-Rulex-Request-Id header from the LoginAPI call. The obtained X-Rulex-Request-License header should also be inserted.


3. Once you have the necessary information, integrate it into the ComputeFlow REST API call. Besides the standard arguments, you need to provide:

· X-Rulex-Request-Id header with the same UUID used in the previous calls.

· X-Rulex-Request-License header with the value obtained in the LoginAPI call.

· Response.

· Bearer Authorization header with the token obtained in the AuthToken authentication call.


4. When you're done, you can send a Logout request to disconnect from the license manager. If you don’t log out manually, the session will expire automatically based on the time parameter you have set in the LoginAPI call.


For more detailed instructions, check out the relevant section of our technical documentation.


I hope this helps!



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